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Here Are 3 Best Places to Enjoy Spaongo Best Spa in Bali

Bali is not just a paradise to enjoy the beauty of nature, now in Bali the tourists both domestic and international can enjoy world-class treatment. Here are 7 SPA recommendations in Bali that offer some of the best spa luxuries in the world but also at an affordable price but still promise a fun experience, the 7 best places to enjoy SPA in Bali are as follows:

Ubud Spa Amusement

Kalangan is a traditional village located in Ubud where there is traditional Balinese art and culture, the name Kalangan which means the stage there are also talented dancers and musicians to entertain the tourists. The spa has good reputation all over the world and in this spa provides Balinese spa, foot treatment and more.

Best spa in Bali
Best spa in Bali

G-Spa Bali

At G- Best spa in Bali it has 10 spa therapies that presents the beauty of paradise, and nature harmony and also provides the best treatment such as whole body, and also beauty with traditional Balinese massage techniques. For reflexology, face and arms and can make tense muscles become relaxed. You can also enjoy traditional ritual massage from the east and therapists also have the ability to yoga, meditation and, prana breathing. These therapists can maximize customer service for other treatments and these therapists can concentrate more on G-Spa Bali. With rooms with traditional Balinese room type and with music for relax and price.

Chill Reflexology

Best spa in Bali Chill reflexology in this spa most of the work or therapists are male and they are trained to initiate this therapy tourists’ feet will be washed, they also give free welcome drink. DI chill reflexolog has herbal drinks and unique food, reflexology here can help heal back pain, migraine, cannot sleep and others. In chill reflexology there are several treatments such as: A. “the classic” Rp.225.000 for 1 hour massage the classic only for the legs, B. “Chill out” Rp.225.000 for 1 hour This treatments to make blood circulation smoothly, C. The ultimate chill Rp.265.000 to 1.5 hour treatments to relieve stress, D. Holistic chill Rp.265.000 for 1.5 hours.