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Price Spa in Bali Ubud for Royal Kirana Spa and Wellness

You can check Price Spa in Bali Ubud for Royal Kirana Spa and Wellness in Spaongo. In Spaongo you can also book some of your favorite’s spa place. A busy lifestyle removes the senses without knowing it. It is important to surround yourself with the simple offerings that nature offers mother.

This will help you to replenish depleted energy levels and restore balance. The timeless beauty of Ubud on Bali’s vibrant island is perfect for communicating with nature. This is the perfect place to reconnect with your mind by releasing your body and mind from the pressures of modern life.

Price Spa in Bali Ubud
Price Spa in Bali Ubud

The Royal Pita Maha has a spiritual landscape in Bali’s Ubud countryside and features tropical green pools uninterrupted. This luxurious resort is built with a rare sensitivity to the surrounding environment in the area bordering the Ayeong River.

Designed to celebrate Balinese traditions, arts and culture, the resort features a range of private pool villas and support facilities overlooking the green waters of the Ayung River. Royal Pita Maha is a comfort place for travelers who want to recharge their body, mind and soul in the Ubud village of Bali. You can choose the Autocillin Price Spa in Bali Ubud based on your budget.

There is also Hotel Tjampuhan & Spa in Royal Kirana Spa and Wellness. This hotel inspires many foreign artists, including the German painter Walter Space. This Bali hotel also offers a peaceful environment for visiting celebrities long before the days of tourism.

This legendary hotel in Ubud now houses a range of traditional-style cottages and original rooms. You can enjoy spa treatments and time to enjoy all the facilities in exclusive villas. There are some tretments you can get such as; herbal steam sauna, dries sauna, steam room and jacuzzi. Price Spa in Bali Ubud in Royal Kirana Spa and Wellness range about IDR 2,100,000 – IDR 4,000,000